Industrial Chemicals may be in Your Drinking Water

PFASs, introduced over 60 years ago are man-made chemicals that degrade slowly, if at all. PFASs have been used in packaging, nonstick cooking pans, fire fighting foams and other "useful" means. Because they are so commonly used, the chemicals find themselves in the air, the ground, food, surface water and our drinking water. Most chemicals are passed through our body in mere hours, but PFASs take about 3 1/2 years to get rid of only half of what's ingested!! The more one is exposed, the more they accumulate in the body. We are finding PFASs "in wildlife and human tissue and bodily fluids all over the globe," a chemist at Green Science Policy Institute explains. A recent study shows that over 16 million Americans have 1 of 6 types of PFASs in their drinking water at or above the EPA maximum limit. Many studies are pointing to the possibility that these may be disrupting children's immune health.

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