Water Test Kits


Peace of Mind.

We have a test kit for your needs and budget.  We partner with an EPA certified lab and test to EPA standards. We suggest starting with the most inclusive test, "Ultimate" and do this every 3 years.  And on an annual basis, the "Premium".

But WHY test annually????

Because what's in your water, is in constant change!

  1. Water Source. Utilities often change source due to demand, supply, annual rain/snow fall, etc.

  2. Infrastructure. America's systems are aging. New water sources, new disinfection processes, pipeline fails, could all potentially create leaching like Flint in numerous other cities and towns.

  3. New contaminants from agriculture, industrial waste, mining, drilling, pharmaceuticals. What comes into the water treatment facilities is always in flux. They have a big responsibility to catch and remove what's harmful. But they are only obligated to test what the EPA mandates - less than 100! - of the thousands of contaminants we know of.

  4. Internal plumbing. Municipalities only test water at their facility, not the miles of line - or your internal piping - which could become a source of lead.

  5. New disinfection processes. The utilities change how they disinfect dependent on what's in the water. That means constantly changing byproducts coming out of your tap or shower head.

How it Works.


Vials are provided to collect your drinking water sample. 

Follow the instructions included with your test kit.


Send your samples via the USPS to our EPA certified laboratory with the provided packaging.  

Shipping costs are



The easy-to-read lab results will be emailed to you in a few short business days clearly detailing any concerning concentrations of contaminants.   


The Ultimate tests for 200 Contaminants:

  • 12 Physical Properties

  • 7 In-Organics

  • 32 Metals

  • 20 Pesticides & Herbicides

  • 78 Volatile Organics

  • 5 TTHMs

  • 47 Volatile TICs


The Premium tests for 50 Contaminants:

  • 12 Physical Properties

  • 6 In-Organics 

  • 32 Metals


The Select tests for 15 Contaminants:

  • 3 Physical Properties

  • 4 In-Organics

  • 8 Metals


The Select tests for 5 Contaminants:

  • Hardness

  • Nitrate/Nitrite

  • Copper

  • Lead


The Lead test kit provides 2-in-1 testing.  It tests for Dissolved Lead and Solid Lead which will cover lead in water supply and from any plumbing fixtures. 

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